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Speak Your Mind Unapologetically Podcast

Jun 7, 2023

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Have you ever been told that you were angry? Ever felt restless, like you couldn’t ever stop doing things?

In a world where being busy is often mistaken for being productive, Suchitra's story challenges the 'hustle culture,' unveiling its pernicious effects on our mental health and overall quality of life. Plagued by ceaseless restlessness, her life took an unexpected turn when burnout came knocking. Not only was her productivity undermined, but her potent anger began to muffle her voice, leaving her feeling unheard and unrecognized.

But, she refused to stay defeated. Embarking on a self-discovery journey during a much-needed sabbatical, Suchitra decoded the language of her emotions and uncovered the true power of her anger, turning it into a formidable tool for advocacy and personal growth. Step into the intriguing journey of Suchitra, and entrepreneur, former Oil & Gas leader, and chief visionary behind INSIDE & OUT. In this episode, you'll unravel:

✔️How to respect and channel your anger for self-assertion and advocacy

✔️3 mental fitness techniques designed to foster intentional self-time and safeguard against burnout

✔️Why constant restlessness and the pervasive 'hustle culture' can backfire


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