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Speak Your Mind Unapologetically Podcast

Aug 19, 2022

How do you make change management a positive experience for your team? Change expert, Lata Hamilton, explains:

✔️ What is Organizational Change Management?

✔️ Why do you need to be strong and confident as a leader to drive change within a team?

✔️ How does organizational change management and personal change align?

✔️ How do you prepare your team for change and make it a positive experience for your team?

Lata is a pocket rocket burst of energy with a big heart... and big hair! She is the Founder & CEO of Passion Pioneers and the creator of the “Leading Successful Change” program. Lata has worked with some of Australia’s biggest companies and tripled her salary in the space of just 3 years to almost $200,000. She moved from Marketing to the world of Organizational Change Management and developed her own style of inspiring change leadership. She’s worked on changes that have impacted over 100,000 people, global cultural transformations, operating model changes, and digital transformation that is literally changing the way that we work. In 2015, Lata became a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Coach and started her own side hustle. Lata transitioned full-time to her business in July 2021, blending her coaching and change work into her courses and consulting services. She helps women carve their own paths for change in career, leadership and life with confidence and authenticity and truly earn their worth. Lata is an absolute foodie, a cardio junkie, and an avid op/thrift shopper. Lata was adopted from India by an Australian family and believes it doesn’t matter where you started - it’s where you’re going and the lives you change along the way that counts.

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