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Speak Your Mind Unapologetically Podcast

May 27, 2023

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Do you ever isolate yourself when you have a problem or feel insecure? In this episode you’ll discover that doing the exact opposite, reaching out to people who are different and having those conversations is a better path forward. Tiffany Ford, JD, MPA, and Deputy Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Health, shares her own personal experiences cold calling to ask for an internship, reaching out to people in her company, having racial conversations, and seeking out her trusted people. In this episode you’ll discover:

✔️The importance of seeking people different from you for advice and fresh perspectives.

✔️Dealing with gender and racial bias in a pragmatic way.

✔️Finding a trusted circle of people who will say, “you got this” and cheer you on.

✔️What quiet assertiveness looks like


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